high level performance usc Global
high level performance usc Global

Top Performer Fellow 2018

Four employees of Ultimate Solutions Corp. participated in the Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association EMPLEADO SIMBOLO GALA 2018, celebrated at the San Juan Hotel last Friday, October 26.

Yanil Vásquez, Jomasoel Rivera, Angel Bruno, and Omar Jorge were selected by the company for such recognition for showing a high level performance, a committed attitude, leadership, service, among others.

It should be noted that Omar Jorge was twice awarded, as he was selected during the Gala as the Employee Symbol of the Service Industry of the Eastern Central Region.

Ultimate Solutions Corp. feels very honored and congratulates the selected of our Top Performer Fellow 2018.

Ultimate Solutions is a company that offers serialization, automation and packaging solutions to the Life Sciences Industry. In addition, designs and manufactures packaging serialization and authentication modules to provide safety, security, and connectivity to the end users.

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