Brand Protection Division
Brand Protection Division

Successful debut of Ultimate Brand Protection Division at Interphex NY

April 26, 2018 – UPak Global, LLC., the brand protection division of Ultimate Solutions and Autopak Engineering, made an impression at one of the recognized events of the pharmaceutical industry, Interphex NY 2018.

Interphex is the event where visitors from pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device development, and manufacturing can experience science through commercialization.

This year, Interphex succeeds in bringing together professionals with more than 650 key industry-leading suppliers, to share their knowledge and best practices. At this innovative technological forum, UPak Global was introduced.

UPAK Global is committed to protect clients’ brand and patients’ safety from counterfeiters by providing innovative serialization modules through adaptable and agile services for the fastest implementation process.

Among its products, two new equipment surprised everyone at the show, because of their potential and cost-effectiveness: The U-Track Unisecure and the U-Pack SA.

The U-Track Unisecure is the first all-in-one ready unit module in the world with serialization and authentication capabilities, by its unique cutting-edge brand protection process, based on fingerprints recognition.

For the U-Pack SA machine, Yoel Rivera, president of Ultimate Solutions Corp., said:

«Our U-Pack SA model impacted our visitors and competitors at the show! We identified our client’s needs and then designed and developed this cost-effective, High-Mix/Low Volume Manual Serialization Solution. This machine is the easiest way for commissioning and aggregation in one step, using the same camera, and in an ergonomic one-directional operator movement”.


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