Annual Conference
Annual Conference

Ultimate Solutions Annual Conference

The Annual Conference of Ultimate Solutions was held on April 8, 2017, and brought all its employees together.

But this year was different, the company had promised that would be more than a meeting to discuss corporate and security policies. It also proved to be an experience of professional and personal growth and fraternization.

“We wanted to take advantage of this occasion by learning, motivating, and also having a good time. Our people do not have the opportunity to see each other every day, because we work in different plants and times like these are extremely important”, said Yoel Rivera, CEO of Ultimate Solutions Corp.

Ultimate Solutions Annual Conference held in Caguas


The event was held at the C3tec in Caguas where the employees listened to different conferences of the administrative staff. It took place in the Amphitheater.

Rubén Morales, Director of Operations, began the Annual Conference with a presentation where he told the story of the company and highlighted the work of each of our members in their plants. “They are all fundamental and essential for this company. We are what we are, because of you”, he insisted.

One of the highlights of the conference was the Human Resources announcement of the new internal communication platform, Workplace. This is an innovative tool created by Facebook that will allow the company to be closer to its employees: anytime and anywhere.

Afterward, Rosamarie Feliu, Executive Vice President of Ultimate Solutions Corp., presented the course calendar of our U-Academy. She also spoke about the premiere of online training and its benefits.

At the close of the conference, Yoel Rivera explained the Ultimate attitude and culture and how this will help the company improve.

“With teamwork that has perseverance, passion, and resilience we are going to make progress. Things are difficult, but we will not participate in this economic crisis, because this is in our hands”, Rivera said to the nearly 90 employees attending the meeting.

The group also had dynamics in the exhibits of the Museum and heard messages of Gamaliel Malave, owner of The Growth Coach PR and founder of Fanáticos del Servicio.


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